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Vestwell Survey Uncovers Increased Demand for Workplace Financial Wellness Benefits

Over 1,200 employees surveyed illustrate new opportunities for business owners and financial advisors

NEW YORK– Feb. 12, 2024 – Vestwell, the leading employer and individual savings platform, released its annual Savings Industry Report today. Over 1,200 employees were surveyed nationwide to showcase saving habits, evolving benefits preferences, and challenges savers are experiencing in today's economic climate. The results illustrate the future of financial wellness and workplace savings —and how employers and financial advisors can align their offerings with evolving employee priorities.

“Employees are increasingly viewing financial wellness offerings as a ‘must-have’ in today’s workplace environment. With inflation fears and uncertain economic outlooks affecting retirement goals, employers and advisors have a huge opportunity to enhance their offerings beyond the traditional 401(k),” said Aaron Schumm, founder and CEO of Vestwell.

Workplace Retirement Benefits Are Expected

According to the survey, employees are increasingly expecting retirement offerings from their employers:

  • 85% of respondents expect their employer to offer retirement benefits.
  • 89% of those surveyed would be more likely to continue working for an employer that offered a retirement benefit.

Workplace Education Savings Benefits are Gaining Momentum

Savers increasingly look for employers to offer expanded financial wellness offerings.

  • 93% of survey respondents with student loans reported that their student debt has affected their ability to save.
  • 74% of those with student loans agree that they would be more likely to continue working for an employer that offered student loan-related benefits.
  • 73% placed some level of importance on having a 529 Education Savings Account in their workplace benefits package.

“The student debt crisis continues to create barriers for Americans looking to save for retirement. By offering the latest savings solutions to their employees, employers can enhance retention and employee wellbeing,” added Schumm. “If we want to help people save for retirement, we must also provide holistic financial wellness benefits that reduce these barriers to savings.”

Employees are Seeking Personalized Financial Wellness Solutions

A growing number of savers are seeking personalized financial wellness solutions through financial advisors, managed accounts, and digital tools.

  • 41% of respondents plan to work with a financial advisor in the future.
  • 94% of respondents think a tool that offers digital personalized investment suggestions would be valuable.

Inclusive Financial Wellness Benefits Are on the Rise

Vestwell’s report also highlights an emergency savings account shortfall.

  • 38% of respondents reported less than $1,000 in emergency savings.
  • Nearly 70% of respondents expressed willingness to participate in an emergency savings account (ESA).
  • 87% of employees placed some level of importance on having access to a health savings account (HSA) in the workplace.

“Our mission of closing the savings gap aligns with this new era of employee benefits – one where technology and personalization converge. The future of financial wellness is accessible, inclusive, and tailored to meet the diverse needs of every saver,” added Schumm.

Vestwell conducted a series of surveys in the summer and fall of 2023 to understand how Americans save and what they’d like to see out of employer-sponsored retirement programs. To learn more about the Vestwell Annual Savings Industry Report, please visit our website.


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