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HCM & Payroll Providers

Expand your suite of offerings through a fully integrated solution

It all starts with payroll

As a payroll deducted contribution, the 401(k) experience begins with you. Offer your clients the benefits they wants through the brand they love (hint: we mean yours!).

  • Fully integrated

    Fully integrated

    Offer a native 401(k) user experience with a direct API for 360 payroll integration.

  • Attractive pricing

    Attractive pricing

    Remove any cost barriers for your small business clients.

  • Modern interface

    Modern interface

    Complement your user experience with an intuitive, user-friendly design and architecture.

  • Streamlined administration

    Streamlined administration

    Full-service administrative capabilities minimize time investment while maximizing impact.

  • White-labeled


    Brand is a top consideration when selecting a retirement plan provider...make it your own.

  • Beyond the 401(k)

    Beyond the 401(k)

    Apply our robust logic layer to any workplace deductions to automate payroll processing and the key factors that come with it.

Take a look inside

Thanks to API connectivity, our 360° payroll integrations automate contributions, elections, and other payroll related transactions by feeding data directly between systems. This mitigates work and human error while delivering an overall more seamless experience.

circular chart that describes the connection between retirement plans