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Payroll integrations

Simplify plan administration with seamless integrations

Our Payroll Partners

Vestwell’s technology was built to tackle the primary pain points of the retirement plan process, including payroll. Our connectivity to leading providers allows key elements, like 401(k) contributions, to be processed through direct data feeds, giving everyone a better experience.

Making 401(k) payroll easier

Thanks to API connectivity with many of the most valued providers, we automate contributions, elections, and other payroll related transactions by feeding data directly between systems. This minimizes work and human error while delivering an overall more seamless experience - for 401(k)s and beyond.

making payroll easier chart

Vestwell has full or partial integrations with many payroll providers and we’re adding more frequently. Some payroll integrations are not able to support certain plan features, integrations may not be possible with all plan types, and there may be specific formatting, content, and other requirements that plan sponsors must complete. Our Onboarding Team works with Plan Sponsors to navigate the payroll file set up and submission process.