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We’re only as good as our people.

Vestwell is always looking for great talent. Whether you're interested in reinventing the retirement space, or just want to surround yourself with the smart, fun, driven type, we'd love to connect!

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Who are we?

There are 30M small businesses in the United States, but only a very small fraction of them have a workplace savings program in place.  As employees and individual savers across the country, there are nearly 100M under-saved and under-banked people. With a widening savings gap in the country, it’s imperative for every worker and individual to have access to participate in savings programs focused on important areas of life, such as retirement, education and healthcare.  Vestwell is changing how people can save both at work and beyond, starting with rebuilding the core infrastructure for the modern era.

Vestwell’s north star is to be the engine behind a $40T industry, powering all tax-preferred savings programs for small-to-midsize businesses, as well as to individuals outside of the workplace, such as 401(k), 403(b), IRA, emergency savings accounts (ESA), health savings accounts (HSA), 529 college savings, ABLE savings programs alike.

As a result, financial advisors get to provide the advice and solution that employers and employees have been asking for, while growing and scaling along the way. Employers get a cost-effective solution design for their needs without the headache, and employees get a user-friendly portal that helps them achieve their long-term saving goals.

Why Vestwell?

With backing from leading fintech investors, as well as a growing team of dedicated professionals of strong industry pedigree, Vestwell is at the forefront of a much-needed change in a 40-year old industry. Our team believes in the mission we’ve set out to achieve and we are working hard to get there. We’re ambitious, honest, thoughtful, and fun.

Hear it from our teammates

Our core values

  • Act like an owner

    Act like an owner

    As a mission-driven company, we value our team members and prioritize employee ownership. We believe in creating an environment where each Vestweller feels empowered to support closing the retirement savings gap across the country.

  • Look for the better way

    Look for the better way

    At Vestwell, you’ll be continuously challenged to find better solutions to address industry norms. We are on the road to revolutionizing workplace savings programs and look to our team of innovators to lead the way.

  • Embrace the difficult

    Embrace the difficult

    Vestwell is on a mission to do great things, and the only way to get there is by taking on some incredibly complex challenges. We believe in embracing the difficult to ensure the largest positive impact for our industry, clients, and partners.

  • Help me, help you, help us

    Help me, help you, help us

    We build relationships based on trust, equality, respect, and support. Our unique blend of diverse perspectives allows us to grow authentically while sharing a common connection to our goals, mission, and vision.

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