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Advisor Managed Accounts

Offer a personalized investment experience that can scale

Next gen managed accounts

In partnership with Franklin Templeton, our managed account offering puts technology first to deliver an embedded investment management experience and personalized advice.

  • Cost


    Our affordable solution keeps price well below industry average - starting at just 20 bps.*

    *excluding underlying investment product fees

  • Experience


    The managed account experience is built directly into the platform, allowing you to seamlessly engage investors right where they are.

  • Investments


    Our offering is completely open architecture, so you can craft your own unique investment programs or use ours.

  • Adoption


    By making our managed account offering the default investment you can increase adoption rates while giving participants the oversight they need, when they need it.

  • Personalization


    A sophisticated algorithm makes recommendations on how much to save and how to invest for a truly personalized portfolio.

As easy as

  • Participants answer 3 guided questions to determine goals.

  • A sophisticated algorithm pairs goals with data to create a personalized asset mix that changes over time, seeking to maximize the probability of success.

  • Participants can adjust retirement goals and monitor progress to and through retirement.

Take a look around

  1. 1
    Estimates the gap between your plan and goal
  2. 2
    Offers suggestions for closing the gap
  3. 3
    Allows for ongoing changes to inputs