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Running a small business is hard. Running your 401(k) shouldn't be.

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Vestwell powers nearly one million savers and 25,000 small businesses across the country.

An easy, cost-effective 401(k) plan to help your employees save for retirement.

  • Flexible


    Flexible investments and plan design so you can build the right offering for today and make future changes needed as you grow.

  • Integrated


    Dozens of payroll integrations to simplify eligibility and payroll processing.

  • Intuitive


    Modern, user-friendly interactions and experience.

  • Cost-effective


    Transparent, competitive pricing so you and your employees always know what you're paying for.

  • Streamlined


    Full-service administrative capabilities including operations, servicing, and 3(38), 3(21), and/or 3(16) compliance.

Getting started is as easy as...

  • Select


    Work with or without an advisor to select the right plan for you and your employees.

  • Onboard


    Provide the information needed to efficiently run and service your plan, all handled through our digital, interactive portal.

  • Implement


    We'll invite your employees to start saving... just upload your first payroll and census and we're off to the races!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does offering a 401(k) plan benefit my business?

    How does offering a 401(k) plan benefit my business?

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    Here’s a few key benefits:

    • Recruitment & retention: Retirement benefits help attract and retain top talent - especially in 2022’s tight labor market. More than 3 in 4 (77 percent) working Americans rank retirement savings—such as 401(k) and pension plans—as one of the most important employer-sponsored financial wellness benefits.
    • Tax advantages: Employer contributions are deductible on the employer’s federal income tax return, up to a certain amount. And if you’re starting a new 401k) plan, you may be eligible to receive up to $16,500 in tax credits over the first three years to offset the business expense of setting up your 401(k).

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  • Do I need to hire a financial advisor to be able to offer a 401(k) plan?

    Do I need to hire a financial advisor to be able to offer a 401(k) plan?

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    You don’t need to. However, a trusted advisor can help you find the savings program that’s best for your employees. The role of the advisor is becoming increasingly important - especially for small businesses. In fact, the number of savings plans associated with a financial advisor jumped from 68% of all plans in 2008 to 93% today. You can book a meeting with one of our plan experts to discuss your business needs. If you’d like to find an advisor, we can help with that, too.