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The $28 Trillion Opportunity – Aaron Schumm and Josh Brown

The $28 Trillion Opportunity – Aaron Schumm and Josh Brown

Aaron Schumm, Vestwell’s founder and CEO, sat down with our advisor Josh Brown, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, to discuss the $28 trillion opportunity in retirement and why advisors now have the tools to take advantage of it.

Emerging corporate markets–businesses with less than $25 million in plan assets–are an underserved segment in the retirement industry. These small businesses make up 98% of defined contributions plans, yet many financial advisors are hesitant to step into this market because of its difficulty to scale.

With these limitations in mind, Vestwell was established around the idea of building a streamlined, configurable platform that would enable every advisor to help their clients in building a great retirement plan.

In This Video, Aaron and Josh Discussed the Following Topics:

  • Roadblocks asset managers and advisors encounter (e.g. gathering data, designing plans, and onboarding) and how Vestwell’s open-architecture platform addresses these pain points
  • Three essential questions business owners or employees should ask advisors about the 401(k) process
  • What sets Vestwell apart from other vendors in the retirement space

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