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Running a small business is a lot of work. Running your 401(k) shouldn't be.

Vestwell and Whitwell & Co., LLC offer small businesses the easy, flexible, and cost-effective plan you need, while giving your employees the experience they deserve.

Quality plans at a price you can afford.*


+ $6 /active participant
Affordable, all-in plan.


+ $8 /active participant
Added flexibility for more customized needs.
*Tax credits can almost entirely offset the cost of your plan.

Support well.

Happy employees. Happy employer.

Your employees are the most valuable asset at your company. We’ve made it easier for you to support their retirement readiness by simplifying an otherwise complicated process. With a guided experience, ongoing education, user-friendly design, and real human support, we’ve got them (and therefore you) covered.

Without digging into plan design and investment options, you can’t possibly be doing what’s best for you and your employees by way of structure, cost, and incentives. Vestwell is set up to do just that.
Scott Pritchard

Integrate well.

Integrated with more than 20 leading providers.

Payroll is traditionally one of the biggest pain points of retirement plan administration, but it doesn’t have to be.

Thanks to integrations with over 20 providers, we automate all contributions, elections, and other payroll related transactions by feeding data directly between systems. This means less work, no manual errors, and an overall more seamless experience.

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Administer well.

Painless from beginning to end.

You’re busy. You’re trying to run a business. And every minute you spend on manual processes is time lost doing what you do best. Vestwell was built in part to solve this very real struggle.

With digital onboarding, over 20 payroll integrations, greater visibility into participant eligibility, and streamlined administration, you can confidently set it and forget—we’ll manage the rest.

Vestwell’s ease of use is tremendous, and saves my clients a ton of time on the backend so they can do the things that are most important for them to continue running their businesses.
Bill Simonet
Bill Simonet wearing a dark grey sport coat and a contented look on his face, sitting at his computer.

Comply well.

Here to help shoulder the risk.

While you’ll always have a fiduciary responsibility to your company, you can offload the majority of that liability to a trusted partner. Vestwell provides easy access to your plan documents and all required notices. Not to mention, we take over most of the work associated with Form 5500 filings, year-end testing, and more while providing training for you and your team along the way. It’s hard to over-value the peace of mind of knowing you’re always in compliance with laws and regulations.

At the end of the day, when Vestwell reduces the administrative burden of the compliance, we're able to more efficiently serve our clients.
Lockwood Holmes Jr.

Save well.

Spend less, save more.

Not only are Vestwell’s fees up to 70% below competitors, but you'll always know exactly how much you’re paying and what you’re getting in return.

And with our flexible investment options and customizable plan design, you get the plan and pricing you need today with a provider who can grow with you in the future.

Ultimately, it’s about helping people save more for retirement. Participants should know what they’re paying so they can make smart decisions that keep more money in their account.
Aaron Schumm
CEO & Founder
Aaron Schumm, CEO & Founder of Vestwell, wearing a dark wool sport coat, his hands folded in front of him, smiling warmly at the camera.

Sleep well.

Rest easy.

By reimagining the way retirement plans are offered and administered, we’ve eliminated traditional pain points that confuse, frustrate, and leave you unsure you’re making the right choice for your business. On top of all that, our transparent pricing means no unwelcome surprises when bills come your way.

You’ve got enough on your plate to keep your business moving forward. Let Vestwell ease the pain points of retirement so you—and your employees—can sleep well.

Working with my advisor and Vestwell, I’m getting exactly what I was looking for in terms of customer service and easy implementation.
Marcia Zaruba O’Connor

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